"Creating a piece of art that exceeds it's functional expectations has been very rewarding. I only ask that you try the Precision Art Putter. The soft feel and response in your hands is amazing. And don't forget they are beautiful too!"
The Precision Art Putter was developed by David Fernandez. David and his wife, Alexa Modderno, own and operate Seagrove Stoneware Inn and Pottery, in Seagrove North Carolina. Seagrove is a small community close to the Pinehurst Area in Central North Carolina. David has been an artist for forty years and has been playing golf even longer. With a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Mathematics, David understands the concept of functional beauty. Combining art and sport, two of David's passions, has been an exciting concept.
Precision Art Putters
        Where art and sport embrace...
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About Inventor

Precision Art Putters, 136 West Main Street, Seagrove, N. C.  27341
(336) 207-6985
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