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Customer Comments

March 2014 - Dennis - NC

"Got to tell you how great the new putter performed today. Took it out with me for a prior practice, but was putting very well. Ball literally springs off the face yet the feel is sensitive. Again, I can understand the popularity, if not the science."

December 2012 - James F. - Seattle, WA

I've played golf for more than 20 years, and tried putters from different companies in different shapes and materials.  When I heard about David Fernandez's ceramic putters I was skeptical.  Yes, they are works of art, but I expected them to hit a golf ball like a "rock."  Boy, was I wrong!   When you first pick one up you notice that they are very well balanced, but most surprising is the "feel."  It sounds like a paradox, but the solid ceramic putter head actually makes a soft (but firm) contact with the golf ball.  My distance control has dramatically improved, and the dreaded "three-putts" are nearly non-existent.

November 2012 - Alex H. - Alexandria, VA

I received my new putter by fed ex last week. Thanks for the fast shipping. It is beautiful! I had a chance to use it yesterday and I am amazed at the feel. I got great response in my hands when striking the ball. No more chipping from the fringe of the green for me. I am totally happy with my purchase.

January 2013 - Will M. - Pinebluff, NC

Clay putters have an uncanny feel. The ball strike is not too soft or too stiff. It just feels right. I've never been more intuitively in-sync with a putter.

January 2013 - Peggy W. - Mercer Island, WA

"I had used the same putter for ten years and had accepted that I was just "average" on the greens. But after trying out a clay putter for just one round of golf, my old putter is no longer in my bag. I find the design and balance helps me keep the club more parallel to the ground and really moving through the ball as opposed to striking it. My distance control is much improved, where I usually shoot around 38 putts@round I shot just 32 my first round with this putter. I'd like to say it was an improved approach game but that still needs work. "

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