Why should you choose a Precision Art Putter?
Many of the new putter designs sold today have an insert in the club face to give a "soft feel" when putting. These inserts range from urethane to ceramic composites. It's not just the feel that is important, but also how the putter looks. The Precision Art Putter is beautiful and has an amazing feel when striking the ball. Each putter is handcrafted by David Fernandez and is one of a kind. Custom pattern and permanent color on the surface of the putter makes them even more appealing.
Putter shaft can be custom sized especially for you!
Includes custom head cover!
Precision Art Putters, 136 West Main Street, Seagrove, N. C.  27341
(336) 207-6985
Why not use the putter that helps take strokes off your game, and that is unique to you. No one else in the world will own one like it!
Precision Art Putters
        Where art and sport embrace...
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Why Choose Precision

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