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Precision Art Putters

Precision Art Putters are handmade and one of a kind golf putters.

Our patented design will help take strokes off your golf game and put a smile on your face.

Your putter is the most important club in your bag. Why not use one that is beautiful, has a great feel, and is deadly accurate!

Putt with confidence! Know that the putter in your hand is uniquely yours and no one in the world has one like it.


Why choose a Precision Art Putter?

Many of the new putter designs sold today have an insert in the club face to give a "soft feel" when putting. These inserts range from urethane to ceramic composites. It's not just the feel that is important, but also how the putter looks. These unique golf putters are beautiful and have an amazing feel when striking the ball. Each putter is handcrafted by David Fernandez and is one of a kind. Custom pattern and permanent color on the surface of the putter makes them even more appealing.


How the putter is made

Each Precision Art Putter starts as a lump of custom formulated clay composite.

This "clay" is hand turned on the potter's wheel to form the basic head.

When the clay putter head is half dry, the face is cut at a precise angle (up to ten degrees by USGA regulations).

The top surface is carved with a unique pattern including a center sighting line.

When the putter is completely dry it is coated with a permanent glaze and kiln fired to 2400 degrees. golf putters custom golf putters golf putters online

About Your Custom Precision Art Putter

Custom Sized Shaft

Magnetic Head Cover

Custom Sized Shaft


Putter shaft is custom sized especially for your height.

Art & Sport

Magnetic Head Cover

Custom Sized Shaft


"Creating a piece of art that exceeds it's functional expectations has been very rewarding. I only ask that you try the Precision Art Putter. The soft feel and response in your hands is amazing. And don't forget they are beautiful too!"

Magnetic Head Cover

Magnetic Head Cover

Magnetic Head Cover


Each Precision Art Putter comes with a  magnetic head cover. Replacement cover available. custom golf putters


Conforms to USGA Rules

Magnetic Head Cover


Each club face is cut at a precise angle and smoothed for a soft sensitive feel.


Conforms to USGA Rules

Conforms to USGA Rules


Each club is gripped with a quality midsize or jumbo Winn Grip. Replacement grip available.

Conforms to USGA Rules

Conforms to USGA Rules

Conforms to USGA Rules


The Precision Art Putter"Conforms to USGA Rules" (Decision 2012-780)


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Allan G.- Naples, FL - January 2018

"I have been extremely happy with the purchase. As you said, 'just line it up and swing'. I have made a boatload of putts this week."

Don R. - Wilmington, NC - December 2017

"I thought it would be a novelty, but it has become my favorite putter. Some of my friends call it the "magic" putter."

Mickey B. - October 2017

"Your putter helped me and my team win the tournament. Everyone fell in love with my putter! It was my best putting round ever".

Dave K. - Streamwood, IL - June 2017

"It was the best golf equipment investment I ever made. Thanks".

Randy R. - Colonial Heights, VA - November 2016

"I have used many putters in my years of playing. It has a wonderful feel and the ball jumps off the face like a Scotty Cameron. The feel on long putts is uncanny. This is the best buy on a putter I've ever made".

John G. - Buffalo, NY - June 2015

"I bought one of your putters and was able to play 18 holes this morning at Buffalo Tournament Club. It has challenging greens that are very large. I two or one putted all 18 holes. Thank you for a great club. I hope it continues. You do not make any irons, do you? Just joking."